A colorful game play for FREE

Hi everyone, recently I moved from one state to another and took with me my high end PC. After I set it up I turned on Forza 7 and decided to do some time laps and here is what I found- a colorful game play! I don’t know if this is my hardware got damaged over the long trip despite the good packaging I used or it is some Microsoft surprise. I decided to buy and try another Graphic card so I got the same result over and over. I have no idea what is the situation here, I will ask you guys if you can share some thoughts with me- it may get me to some logical solution. Thank you in advance.

What graphic card do you have? If it’s nVidia and you have the most recent drivers, roll back to 431.60 to get rid of all the graphical glitches.

agreed . this has been highlighted elswhere on this forum . roll back to the mentioned driver revision . forza 7 doesnt support the latest revision you are using