'95 Saleen Tune?

Hey, I am looking for anyone who would know exactly what upgrades and/or tunes I need to do to replicate the Saleen 351SR as good as Forza can do. I have a car that looks like one, but now I need it to perform like one!'95 Saleen

I found this


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A got a 404 error :\

When u say perform like one do u mean like in real life or actually good in the game?

The car isnt very good without the forza aero so if u want to keep the aero off it will be very tricky.

Perform how an actual Saleen would if it were in the game.

So yes or no to forza aero?

If I wanted a Saleen replica why in Earth would I pick Forza aero over the actual Saleen Bodykits that turn the Cobra into a Saleen to begin with?

Simple… so its competitive

I want a Saleen replica. They have the Saleen Bodykit. I don’t care how it performs. What about Saleen Replica do you not understand? Hahaha

I understand completely… i just like to win so i dont care what it looks like lol