90 mins before giving up

I’m in the UK and I set my alarm for midnight thought I could at least do one race before going back to sleep.

My deluxe edition downloaded with the VIP & car packs so I tried to launch the game but got as far as the splash screen (title of the game and the Ford GT cover car photo) before it kicked me back to xbox dashboard - ive scoured the Internet looking for solutions even trying updating console and performing hard reboot of system (3 times) but nothing worked so I uninstalled the game to reinstall it only for it to take 20 mins to get to just a measly 3% so at 01:15am I gave up with the resolve that it will have to wait until tomorrow! So has anyone any solutions or suggestions or anything that might at all help - if truth be told the original installation took a matter of seconds and didn’t change the storage usage amount so maybe the original installation didn’t happen? As when I pressed reinstall after uninstalling it the usage went from 16gb to 22gb (got it down to 20 as there were some games Id installed but don’t like)
Hope someone can help with this

When it flashes up that you can start playing - DONT. Wait until the game has fully downloaded and theres nothing left in your DL queue before starting.

That “drops to dashboard” situation sounds a lot like the issue some Ultimate owners had, with solution described here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm351336_SUPPORT--Issues-launching-FM6-Ultimate-Edition.aspx#post_351336
However, if you’ve updated your console and reinstalled, seems like that should solve it.
Try deleting any game save that might be showing up locally and on the cloud?

I only uninstalled the FM6 file was very careful to leave all the paraphinalia that comes with the deluxe edition where they were (vip and the various cars that come with it) it’s still reinstalling (69% but says ready to launch but I never do that until it’s 100%) hoping the uninstall worked and I’ll get to play it soon