8 Speed Tuning, I am lost

I’ve searched for a couple of days now and I’ve come up with nothing, so I’ve come to make my first post.

I’m trying to tune the 8 speed Hellcat gear ratios and I am at a loss, I don’t know what the best way to go about it is, and I could use any advice you guys have.

The stock ratios seem to be set up for fuel economy, but using this set in conjunction with maxed out power results in a stuttering automatic, or an obnoxious manual experience.

I’m generally a pretty capable tuner, but no matter what I try I can’t find anything that just feels right for the car. I’m just trying to do a general all purpose build and would like to keep it rear wheel drive. Any help or advice would be beyond appreciated, thank you in advance.

How much power does the car have?

You don’t need to use all of the gears for racing. Tune 5th or 6th for top speed and leave 7 and 8 for cruising.

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