[5LYD] | PictureMeDrifting | Always recruiting!


Hey racers! I’m here today to try to get you guys to join my freshly made club! Add me on the Xbox One to chat!

I created this club because;

  • I want to meet new friends.
  • I want people to drift with
  • I want someone to teach me the ways of tuning.

What does this club have to offer;

  • I’m always up to help drivers improve there drifting!
  • Looking for mature and responsible Co-Leaders! (If you are a good graphics designer you automatically get a spot!)
  • Brand new!
  • A fun time!
  • Active community (soon)

Goals for the club (in order)

  • Create the club!
  • 5+ Members
  • 10+ Members
  • 50+ MEMBERS!!
  • More to be added as the club grows.*

Requirements to join the club.
Must be friendly. Don’t like someone in the club? Deal with it. If its so bad you cant ignore it I’m sure we can all talk it out!

After we have 15+ people in the club the rules will be changed!