40 out of 41 roads found

Has anyone found all 41 roads? I’ve found 40 and all are now lit up on the map

Yep - like the original Horizon you need to travel the entire length of the road (or near enough to) - look for a gap on one of the roads where it is still grey.

I have, there is no grey on my map every road is lit?

Look on the edges of the map. you also have to drive on the roads going out of the map. One of them is orange.

Yep done those as well, oh well not to worry it’s only a demo.

There is a small tunnel with a smashboard in the southeast part of the map and there are two or three alley ways that I believe need to be covered as well.
Hope this helps, as I got 41 of 41 also.

Thankyou, I’ll restart tonight and have another go.

Do you get anything for it or just pride? Got the same myself

NOPE. Too bad it doesn’t at least save your progress for when you get the real game.

i struggled to find the last couple of roads, turns out you do have to drive into the yellow no go zones on a few of the roads…driving all the roads reminds me of test drive unlimited (which makes me go insane because test drive unlimited 2 came out had to do all the roads again plus the new map lol)

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For me the 41st road was the bridge you see when you have to pull the first hard right in the Lambo heading from the Dock to Horizon (West on the map). It was showing as white on the map, but I’d never travelled it.

For me, it was the small extension of the road on the west side of the map.

Yep found them all, thanks guy’s for your help.