#4 corvette zr1 s class

Is the only way to get it down to s class is to put drag tires on it?

why not just get an a class vette and tune it up to class? generally tunning a lower class car up will be a better car than trying to take a higher class down.

its 5 pi over and the only other change you can make to lower the pi are rims which only get you down to 801, still 2 points over.

the #4 is 804 pi: s-7.0 h-6.6 a-8.9 l-8.6 b-7.1
the 2009 is 653 pi: s-8.0 h-5.1 a-8.7 l-8.1 b-5.4

the a class 2009 has 638 hp to the #4’s 485. with a pro tranny you can trade speed for acceleration. it has enough hp to have more on track acceleration AND a higher top speed maining you can put all your upgrades into handeling. get a pro suspension so you can adjust the wheel alignment and lower the car. the #$ is 595 pounds lighter so go with weight reduction. better brakes. get the forza wings. better anti roll bars and put the rest into better tires. tune it an you will have a car that should out run the #$ on drag tires. and even with the upgrades it should be cheaper than the #4. get get the 2009 and load an s class tune, it’ll tell you how much the tune will cost and have all the parts preadjusted for you. the #4 is about 500k more than the 2009 so you have plenty of money for upgrading. i think i could probably tune the 2009 to 799 and still outrun the 804pi#4.

i own the racing viper in s class. i have the 2008 dodge viper tuned for s class and it runs circles around the racing viper.

There is quite a bit of difference between 6.6 and 5.1 handling and 7.1 and 5.4 braking,seems like the #4 Vette would be the better car.

thats an a class vs a r class. you have plenty of room to raise the a class handeling and breaking while you have to lose handeling off the r class. thats their stock as purchased stats before and upgrading is done. the r class already has racing tires. guess what happens to the 2009 when you put racing tires on it? and the forza wings? and the highest weight reduction? and better brakes? the #4 costs 600k. the 2009 with all the upgrades will costs less than 200k. you can try it yourself. first use the stock #4 and set a time on any track. then load a 5 star s class tune for racing (not drift or drag) on the 2009 and check the times against each other. your cheapy is gonna beat the expensive car.