3500x+2060 super runs at only 15fps

My computer has 16GB ram,and I have dual screen,the GPU usage is only 20%,10GB ram used,updated to newest version of windows 10(20h2),newest Nvidia driver(466.11).
it only happens in this game,other games I played (apex legend,PUBG,MSFS 2020…)are normal
here are the solution I’ve tried:
update windows
update driver,re-install driver
turn off MSI afterburner turn off RTSS
turn off wallpaper engine
turn off discord
turn off virus protection
lower graphics(fps even lower)
move game folder from HDD to SSD
those are useless…(My 59.99…)
can anyone help me?

If you are running 15fps, then that GPU usage would be correct…I run a 2060 Super at a static 60fps and my GPU usage is around 50% on a 1440p 75Hz screen running the game on Ultra settings (I can run it at 150fps at 94% usage, albeit it becomes unstable).

What monitor are you running the game on? Is it a 1440p monitor? 1080p? Are you running with G-Sync (or G-Sync Compatible for non-G-Sync monitor)?

Whilst this may not solve it at all, there have been issues with the Audio component of the NVIDIA graphics drivers recently (mostly affects 3000 series GPUs but has been an issue for those with older ones). If I was you, I would uninstall the Graphics driver using a program called DDU (Google it and it is done by Wagnardsoft), then restart your system, go directly to NVIDIA and download your driver from there (rather than through GeForce Experience…sometimes GFE can create issues so leave it uninstalled)…when installing it, select Custom install and deselect any audio components. See if that helps.

May i ask what anti-virus programe you have installed? 3rd party AV programmes can create issues purely from being installed, regardless of whether they are active at the time. I would try uninstalling completely (especially if it’s Bullguard or Norton)…you will still be covered as Windows has Defender built in which does an excellent job

Beyond that, personally I would be reinstalling Windows from Scratch (ie from a Bootable USB install downloaded direct from Microsoft rather than resetting from within Windows itself), installing the Graphics Drivers as above, installing Horizon 4 only and then seeing what happens…if it solves the issue then there was a conflict somewhere on your system…if not, then it may be a game issue somewhere.