35.5 hours to go!

In just a little excited! Haha sooooo ready!


Steady! Take a few deep breaths. :slight_smile:

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But seriously what is the exact time I can play it? Like 12:01 am CDT on the 10th?

It releases I my timezone (cst) at 8:01am

Just made the ultimate forza 6 purchase!! Can’t wait!! Hoping both live accounts for myself and my son get all the goodness of FM6

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It will, but the vip is only yours

Can he buy the VIP as an upgrade?

I’m sure he could. They haven’t released info on standalone vip pricing but my guess would be $10

ugggh ill be working when it drops Thursday morning…Thursday will be a long day for me.

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7 hours to go in Australia

Local times for when the Ultimate edition should unlock so you can play are listed below.
NOTE: The game doesn’t release at midnight, as the Ultimate edition is released/unlocked globally at once, so it gets playable in a LOT of different time zones. If yours isn’t on the list, I think you find one near you and do the math yourself. :slight_smile:

September 10

3:01am - US (Hawaii)
5:01am - US (Alaska)
6:01am - US/Canada (Pacific Daylight Time)
7:01am - US/Canada (Mountain Daylight Time)
8:01am - US/Canada (Central Daylight Time)
8:01am - Colombia (Standard Time)
9:01am - US/Canada (Eastern Daylight Time)
10:01am - Canada (Atlantic Daylight Time)
10:01am - Brazil (Rio de Janeiro; Brasilia Time)
2:01pm/14:01 - UK (British Summer Time)
3:01pm/15:01 - Central Europe (Central European Summer Time)
4:01pm/16:01 - Eastern Europe (Eastern European Summer Time)
9:01pm - Hong Kong (Standard Time)
9:01pm - Australia (Australian Western Standard Time)
10:01pm - Japan (Standard Time)
11:01pm - Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

September 11

1:01am - New Zealand (Standard Time)


says 13:01 UK time for me.

Are you sure it doesn’t say 13:01 UTC? British time = GMT = UTC during the winter, but not during British Summer Time…

it was midnight to start with when i preorderd it now its telling me i got to wait another 14 hours after that !!

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Only about 26 hours from now on. :slight_smile:

I took one day off at work on Friday, so I can fully enjoy early access weekend.


I work 24 hour shifts and then 3 days off but my 24 hours falls on tomorrow! Story of my life! Have fun guys

UK is on BST so we get to play it at 14:01

It’s 1301 utc for us here in the UK which is 1401 actual UK time, aka 1401 bst.

Tick tok

Oh :frowning: another hour to wait haha. Can’t waitttt… So many cars to get etc