339/340 roads

I will try this tonight! Hope it will work for me too.

Ok, completed every single race in game and it didn’t help find the missing piece. I have the “Travel Anywhere” Perk and have revisited every single on/off ramp and ran a zig zag drift slowly across every part of road. Still missing the one piece of road!! I’m loosing my patients. I need this Achievement lol.
Achievements so far:
All speed cameras
All discount/cash boards
All races in the game
All barn finds
All Bucket lists
All Perks activated
But only 339/340 Dam roads!!


Lol going through the same issue as you are on the 360 with 339/340 roads. Funny enough I was stuck at 338 but it went to 339 without me noticing. Also I have all perks and barns but that’s it since my career got broken and won’t load the new races for me to continue so I started over today before going to work. :frowning:

I’m also stuck on 338. So frustrating but we know we have missed em somewhere, Just got to keep looking Haha

Stuck at 314. I was wondering about the short drives into the festival events and a few other places. They show white but I don’t remember driving them all.

got same problem here on 360 but mine is saying 337/340 checked map with all filters off all roads are highlighted white, orange or yellow why they do stupid achieves like this when they can’t even program the game to keep track is beyond me

To everyone who is having issues. Take a screenshot or “record that” and post the image or video. I’d be happy to help out. (Make sure said video or image(s) are zoomed in enough that people can see what’s going on.

remember this, when you drive by a race hub the small entrance road will turn white but registered as a road driven.
go around the all the race hub entrances and drive into them even if they already white.
i had 338/340 and 2 of those entrances is what i needed to complete this…


Had the same problem on the 360 turns out it was the horizon hub in nice its got a very short road with a small bulb on the left just drive in as far as you can… To me it shouldnt be a road as the car i was in didnt even fit all the way in.

I’ve done everything everyone has suggested, I’ve re raced every race in X999 class. Been to all the hubs, driven every road like 3 times. I give up, if I find it some day cool!! Although the 50G achievement would be nice!!

You should try the entrances to the Aérodrome and the Zona Industriale area, I’ve somehow missed the entrance to the Industriale area and now on 339/340 roads discovered.

on the map there is a very small area leading onto the Zona Industriale area, this appears white on both the main map and mini map (making it look like you have already Driven over it) so try entering zona inustriale from the main road onto the small tiny road and continue way into the hart of zona, this should give the 340/340 roads.

still struggling, remember to go along all slip ramps on the motorways fully, as a small piece of the slip ramps can be missed


I had 337 roads discovered and i have just this minute found my last 3…dont bother with dirt tracks. If there orange then there done. 1 road is right next to the San Giovanni outpost, little side road, drive up all of it. Next one is in Nice…where the speed camera is running through the middle of the town, look below on the road under it then to the right and you will see a tiny little road, drive into that. And the last one is, look for the words SAINT MARTIN…then where the road joins the yellow road freeway, drive away from it on that road and you will see a Orange Outpost with a tiny road, then my achievement popped. Im sorry for the essay but i tried explaining as best as i could hoping these are the last ones others need.

I have the same issue with the 360 version. Stuck at 339/340. I discovered a piece of road on the left side of the map with a very long pier. You can’t enter the pier because of some horizon signs.

Saw this too and tried getting through there by hitting cars and hoping to get thrown over the barrier lol. Spent 20min trying to getting around those barriers. Don’t think 360 has acess to this part of map.

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I was also stuck at 339/340 for a while. Ended up being a ramp at industrial area that wasn’t showing on map. I just happened to spawn and drive in and get it. It’s a pain to get all the little bits everywhere. Good luck with finding it =) Just keep checking around.

Thank you! This is what did it for me.

The very small road going into the Zona Industriale.

Hello. Recently I tried to drive down every road in the game. Once I had found every road(Meaning there is no more grey areas on the map) I had only discovered 338 roads out of 340. I had spent an hour looking for the last 2 roads or a part of a road and nothing. I have no idea if this is a bug or is it just me not noticing something. Also if anyone could tell me if not going under bridges would have anything to do this this because you cant see if you have gone under them or not.


I did this achievement last night and it’s not bugged you just…wait 340??? In the X1 we have 315 roads… that’s messed up. Well Speaking for X1 it’s not bugged, it’s there just pay attention to all the roads. Especially in the cities, off road and air port. Also behind the marker points in the map. I found a few like that. Just go at it slowly and trace each route on the map. took me 20 mins to find the last road and it was in between some roads on the airport.

I will give it a try