3 Things To Make a Loyal Serious Racer Happy

Hi All,

This is the first time I have written on the forum and have felt the need to give feedback. As of most of you I have played all of the Forza franchise sine the original game and I am a massive fan.

Firstly, I feel Forza 7 is a massive step forward from 6 technically, and in terms of immersion and career story is also a step forward. The option to increase race length made me so happy.

Secondly, I know and understand the franchises ethos in recent games is that any body should be able to play a Forza title.

However, as some one who sits at the end of the scale of being passionate and loving the simulation “real as possible”, I feel that Forza 7 is missing some simple elements to make people who share this approach happy. Now I am not one of those people who will list a million things that I feel are wrong because I understand this is a game for all people, however below are my main 3 things that I feel would move this from a very good game to a great game with a long life for me;

  1. Qualifying for a race to set grid (even if very simple mode). It is very hard to immerse yourself (especially on the harder AI settings) in a race series when your rivals are in pole position and you start mid pack with no reason for it. From an programming perspective have the choice should be possible.

  2. Just because the game can have 20+ cars on track at a time does not mean you always have too, for the experience and quality of racing, especially on the street circuits. This really shows up any shortfalls in the AI and a unbelievable amount of contact between cars. This also increases the frustration of no means to qualifying ahead of them).

  3. Free Practice in tune up mode - I know you do free practice when in a race, but when it was in the tune-up/upgrade section it really used to feel like you could get into it more, like tinkering in your own garage.

and that’s it, There are other small issues however I wanted to focus on the main three for me as feedback. I tested for Rockstar-North back in the day of GTA 4 and know how much feedback good and bad people receive.



The biggest improvement in the whole game is the ability to build/tune while the games loading up. If you could pick a rivals style races, with anybody ghost and infinite laps, this game would be bearable.