2old4forza Proudly Presents: World Spec Series Season 5 (starts Thursday 7th June 2018 8pm UK)

Welcome to 2old4forza’s World Spec Series.
In this series, now in its 5th season, we use 1 stock build race car with 8 races over a 4 week season. Each week consists of 2 x 30 - 35 minute races. Each race is run with sim fuel n tyres and drivers are required to make 1 mandatory pit stop.

This seasons car is the 2014 HONDA #5 Zengo Motorsport Civic WTCC

The time and date???

Thursdays 8pm UK (starting 7th June 2018)

We also run open practice on Tuesday nights at 8pm UK

Here at 2old4forza we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer fun competition with the main focus being fun. We do not judge on ability or speed other than race craft, we don’t care if you are slow and you will never be made to feel bad about it. All we care about is race craft and cleanliness on track and our members and admin staff are more than happy to help with tips and coaching if you wish to receive it.

We have 4 main rules at 2old4forza:

  1. You MUST be over 25 years old - it is a fact that maturity comes with age

  2. You MUST have race craft and be clean on track - We expect that all members use good race craft at all times and have a focus on fun clean racing over a desire to win

  3. You MUST NOT be a male appendage- we have a zero tolerance of idiots

  4. You MUST have a sense of humour - although we are primarily about the racing we also pride ourselves on being a community and family and we certainly all like a bit of humour n banter off track

So if those rules apply and appeal to you then head over to www.2old4forza.com to sign up and get racing in this and the other series we have running in both the UK and US time zones