2old4forza Presents GrandSport Showdown

These cars would be in the GS class of the Continental Tire Series or GT4 class. We are starting up a new Sunday night series that will run for 4 weeks starting on June 10th. Tonight is the shakedown, so get in and try out some of the cars with us. All cars are low S class 701-740, and built to have similar power to weight ratios. More info in the link below. Find me there.

Grand Sport Showdown

We have 4 main rules at 2old4forza:

  1. You MUST be over 25 years old - it is a fact that maturity comes with age

  2. You MUST have race craft and be clean on track - We expect that all members use good race craft at all times and have a focus on fun clean racing over a desire to win

  3. You MUST NOT be a male appendage- we have a zero tolerance of idiots

  4. You MUST have a sense of humour - although we are primarily about the racing we also pride ourselves on being a community and family and we certainly all like a bit of humour n banter off track