2nd annual Darlington Speed and Feed @ Darlington Raceway - car show pics

On Saturday, I attended The Darlington Speed and Feed, which is a free community event that started last year at Darlington Raceway and features a barbeque cook-off, live music, and car show. This is the second year I entered the show. Those who enter the car show get a chance to drive on the track, and I have to tell you it was fun driving on the banks of Darlington! Last year, the car show had over 300 cars entered and this year there was at least 400 ranging from Hot Rods, classics, '60s-'70s muscle, imports, trucks and SUVs, Rat Rods, and modern day muscle.
More info about the event: http://www.darlingtonraceway.com/Articles/2014/10/Speed-and-Feed.aspx

A few unique vehicles that entered

One of the rare ones: 2010 Camaro SS Dale Earnhardt Hall of Fame Edition, only 10 made!

Here’s a link to the pics of the cars that I took at the show.
Cars from the show

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Can I say it?.. yes? good


also what car did you drive
The Camaro?

Thanks Ritzy, There are more cars that i didn’t take pics of only because they were the same model and/or year, particularly the Mustang GTs. This was one of the best shows I’ve been to so far; for next year, I’m predicting 500 cars entering!
And yes to your question, it’s in my sig :wink:

Also for those wondering about the smaller picture sizes compared to others in my album, they’re like that because while I was taking photos with my iPhone 4s, the battery died at 50% (it was a junk battery) and I had to use my mom’s iPhone 5s to finish taking pictures, then have them sent to over my phone via text message.