24 Player Lobbies are pretty terrible

Ok, so some times they’ll be cool. But, for example, drift lobbies with 24 people are just the worst. You’re guaranteed to be getting hit at least a thousand times, and someone is always going to be “That Guy” that comes in and speeds off, finishes the race, and everyone is still on lap 3/4.

If everyone was cool, it’d be great, but they’re not. Some smaller lobbies would be nice.

Yeah, it’s horrible. In a drift lobby right now, soon as it started everyone at the rear of the pack just came running through, and then I got pushed into the back of another car, lost both my lights on a night track. Sucked so much.

It get fun with a full lobby on a walled in course like Rio. One person bounces off the wall and 23 others bounce off each other over and over. I think any more if those come up I’m just gonna hit spectate and LMAO at the view.

I’m enjoying Lobby’s as opposed to “elite” leagues, at least they make my 1988 M5 look like a LB car. How anyone can be lapped in a 4 lap race I will never know especially by an old M5 with no Aero and a tune of my own concoction. The elite leagues are just as dirty but everyone is using lb cars.

Drift races aren’t supposed to be slow, they are supposed to be just as fast as normal race, just with drifting. “That guy” is the one that understands the mode.

What is an LB car?

Never mind. I looked it up.