2016 F1 replicas of McLaren MP4-31, Haas VF16 and RedBull RB12 all on Storefront


How’d you get Santander Decals on the front wing endplate? I cannot figure this out when I paint my E23.

I believe It’s was in an area well behind the rear wing, and believe it or not to be placed on top rather than left and right view. I’'l check out the exact co-ordinates when i’m on :slight_smile:

Glad to see you back David and very nice start. Definately will pick up that Ferrari.

Thanks mate, I have to say that I was hoping it was going to be easy, but since the E21 is quite different to the E23 an awful lot of work is still required.


Might be worst car in F1 right now, but love this!

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The Sauber C34

Hi David. Tried to find the Ferrari last night, but could only find the Mercedes. Perhaps a filename just in case I looked in the wrong places ?

Hmmm…all cars are under Replica, Realistic. They can also be found under my Gamertag david mckenna

Force India VJ08 now on storefront…pic will be up tomorrow

Nice stuff in here mate, a whole lot of F1 goodness. Keep it up!

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The Force India VJ08

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Not tried to paint the F1 car yet, these look sweet David, nice work

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To get such nice, encouraging comments from the masters is greatly appreciated …thankyou.

great to see you back with the F1’s in Forza 6! your work is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

you thinking of doing the Mild Seven Renault or the West Mclaren Mercedes? ^^

Awesome F1 lineup. I think your McLaren and Force India are gorgeous

Nice work David, I wouldnt even try to paint the f1 cars they are so glitchy and a pain to try and paint

You are right there !.. haven’t been on here or Forza 6 for a while, but since the Mild Seven Renault has been requested, how can I refuse :slight_smile:

@ DarthRyuu the West McLaren Mercedes will be up later today. The engine cover on this car is very resrictive in placement of logos, so a little artistic license is required, but is looking good nonetheless.