2015 Riley DP Aero Problem [see post #10 - WIR]

It has been reported that the Ford Riley MK XXVI Dayton Prototype has a problem with handling and Aero.

Adding the Front Dive Planes removes Downforce. This has got to be a mistake and needs attention.

Also it has a problem with the front stability and lifting of one wheel off the tarmac. The only time I have ever seen a DP pull a wheel off the ground is from high curb strikes or a flat rear tire. This car should not porpoise under normal race setup conditions.

Please investigate this problem. It is a Rolex 24 winning car and looks like it handles like a boat in ruff seas.


I’ve also noticed this, and from what I can tell, it appears that when the front dive planes are added, for some reason the stock downforce number is reduced from 357 to 137, which is the number usually
seen when you add the Forza race front aero to street cars.

It’s clearly an error, as the dive planes should increase front grip and handling, not reduce it drastically along with the amount of downforce it produces. The rear defuser works fine, we just need the dive planes fixed so the car can actually have balanced handling with the aero parts fitted.

I noticed this too. Could it be that they’ve got them the wrong way round?

But do they really produce more rear downforce than an LMP1?

I have mine handling great and already have a #1 :slight_smile:

Well the stock rear downforce number doesn’t actually change when you add the defuser, it simply increases the handling and braking, so by that logic the dive planes should do the same to the front at the very least, though they certainly shouldn’t reduce the downforce by two thirds, I’m pretty sure that adding aerodynamic pieces to reduce downforce is physically impossible.

I had a go in the Riley last night……mixed thoughts really.

I tested it for around 45 mins on a dry full Sebring circuit, I could get it to scrape low 1:45’s but it was hard work and miles away from my Mazda hotlaps.

I thought the brakes were great but everything else was pretty poor, getting it to grip in mid-high speed corners was very hard and required considerable modification to usual cornering lines, getting it to turn is as fruitless as trying to understand my Mrs.

I saw a few in the lobbies and there weren’t very quick at all overall, but had good acceleration. Weighing the same as an oil rig it tended to bounce anyone trading paint into oblivion.

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I have spent some time upgrading and tuning the Riley. The Dive Planes are huge and when installed, they have less downforce. the stock aero package is not bad and I could balance the car no problem.

The front suspension acts like it is damaged and the shocks feel disconnected from the mounts. I adjusted the front ARB and springs to the max and the car still has a major porpoise. The turn 4 kink on Daytona 24 shows this problem no matter how you adjust the suspension. The car has body roll so bad that you can lift a front tire off the ground and that is with soft or stiff front adjustments. It is broken.

The car is a blast to drive but in traffic and during one on one battles it is unpredictable when it starts to porpoise and oscillate the steering as it bounces up and down around a corner. Please fix this soon.

Another issue I’ve noticed with the Riley is it’s weight, there’s too much of it.

Current Daytona Prototype regulations say car under 4.0 liters of displacement like the Ford can weigh a minimum of 2,225 lbs, and research has shown me that most DPs weigh right around 2,300 lbs or so.

Yet for some reason, the Riley in FM6 weighs 2,712 lbs, and has two options for weight reduction, which makes no sense. Why is it 400 lbs overweight, and why are there weight reduction options for a racwe car, a machine that is built with no frills or things you could take away to lighten?

This car continues to make little sense and boggle my mind.

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this car definitely has some issues but I’m really enjoying it. a blast to drive.

the porpoising in high speed corners appears to happen with the restrictors off regardless of front aero used. I think it’s chasis torsional flex myself and assume it really should be stiffer.

This is pretty interesting. it’s possible the game is approximating an actual issue with the DPS.
why do daytona prototypes fly?