2013 Viper Can't Be Auctioned?

i recently bought a 2013 Viper from the auction house as i liked the livery that was on it but as i already had one in my garage i tried to sell the one i already had and i get a message saying that it is an “exclusive reward which cannot be acquired again”. what is going on here?

White Burrito has the answer below - if you received cars as a Loyalty Reward at the start of the game, such as the 2013 Viper (for FH1 gameplay history) then those cars you received can’t be auctioned.

The 1999 Dodge Viper is a Barn Find and also can’t be Auctioned.

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interestingly enough when i try to auction any Dodge cars the 1999 Viper doesn’t even show up even though it’s in my garage.

Is that the one that’s a Barn Find?

Edit: Ah… I guess Max answered my question a moment before I asked.

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Did you perhaps used the free voucher from VIP DLC when getting the Viper?

The 13 Viper is a loyalty reward for playing a previous Horizon game. The specific car you were gifted is not auctionable but other copies of it are treated as normal. The barn find is the 99.

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that explains it. thanks.

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