2007 Mazda 3 Right Front Vibrating *Issue Unknown*

It’s a long shot, but thought I would ask the Forza community too.

Everything is listed in the video. If anyone has any information on what this could be it would be greatly appreciated.

I have two ideas. Dose it “click” while turning? If it dose your half shaft could be going out and when loaded up (accelerating) it would vibrate. The other is poor alignment. How dose the wear pattern on your tires look. If you see cupping or an odd wear pattern in the tread you could need an alignment.

Strut,bearing on top of shock tower,strut itself,bad ball joint.Some shops can check balance with wheel on car and may find the problem.And as posted above if clicking-half shaft. Bad shocks or struts cause cupping from the bouncing up and down,alignment problems will cause more wear on either the inside or out side tread of the tire. Ihade a car with a bent rim do this once also. Best to find an ace mechanic!

-There is no “clicking” while turning.
-Wheels have been rotated and Tires changed.
-Alignment has been checked.

I’ll have to check into some of that stuff.