2 Crashing reason found

I found 2 of them(?)

  1. as you know anti virus.
    I use avg - It makes game crashes to “windows desktop”

  2. dolby atmos (+ any home theater sound)
    It freezes game. game screen freezes but sound is still playing.(even though game is not running anymore)
    sometimes it stop to device working.
    (force changing to other device, the main device disappears from the sound device list sometimes, when I turn off and turn on my AVR again. it starts to work again)

ive also got AVG but if i turn it completely off it still dont work :confused:

do you use msi m/b with nahimic sound driver?

being connected to the internet might be one. Haven’t had a crash since going solo mode, but I’ve had other nagging issues forcing me to get in and out of the game so I need others to confirm.