199mph nsx challenge

can someone tell me how to beat this challenge? I read you have to do it at the 1 mile drag strip. If so, how do you get there?


There’s no limit on PI for the challenge.

Just upgrade it to the point where you can hit that speed.

That’s what worked for me. And I did it on Daytona Oval.


As I just posted on a similar thread, add a few power upgrades to get your top speed over 200 and take it to a fast circuit track. With a few hp, I did it easily and quickly at Daytona. And you can’t do it in the FE.

You can use my tune setup for accura.

I just upgraded it to race turbos, and went to the Daytona Oval. Got to 199 no problem on an otherwise stock car. The back end of that car gets very loose going around those corners at that speed on stock suspension and tires.

It seems that the Forzathon glitches are back. I tried doing this several times with the correct car on Le Mans and even getting to 212mph it wouldn’t pop. Then looking at the Forzathon banner it was showing 163 out of 199. So I tried it again on Daytona and it worked the first time.

You also can’t use rewind (can be on, just not used), not sure about other assists. That’s why I use Daytona. With Old Mulsanne, you can get a more limited car to speed, but being in an unfamiliar car with minimal or no tuning, at those upper limit speeds, I’ll almost invariably push it too hard somewhere, or brake a little late, and really get it into a mess. So then I have to nurse it back or hit rewind without thinking (I use it a lot when tuning or getting used to a new car), and thus lose that lap. Daytona makes it easy/quick to get a lap, or a few.

Run any non-aero R900 tune at Daytona or Indy.

This car when stock has terrible top end. You must break homologation and into R-class to be able to complete the challenge.

Maybe not ideal to crack 200, but I don’t think I would call not too far short of 200 mph “terrible”. Fastest car I ever owned or drove was a '72 L-82 that was quite modified (drivetrain, suspension, with very mild aero) and it wound it’s guts out with a long straight to crack 160…

As a little side-note, both the factory & forza editions are listed as a 2017 model yet are called 2016 models on the leaderboards. This led to me thinking that I was driving the wrong car (FE) after I checked the leaderboard post-race, as the forzathon notification only popped after my second sucessful attempt.