1990 Vauxhall Lotus Carton

The 1990 Vauxhall Lotus Carlton may not be the best looking car on the road, but I liked its style enough to do a nifty paint job on it. 90% of the vinyls were made by me. Tell me what you think! (THIS was the inspiration for the paint job.)

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Looks great the colours work well with this car…

I was thinking of getting a new paint job for the lotus carlton. I think this will be it. Looks great!

Thanks guys! Glad you like it!

I’d personally take the large twitter handle logos off the car and instead use a smaller logo to represent yourself.

Twitter handles makes the car rather personal to the creator but is odd to the person driving.

Thanks for the tip Skreamies. The version I’m sharing on the marketplace dosen’t have any of the personalizations like that on it. I’ll take a couple pictures of that one and see what you think!

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Thats a nice design, for sure will be downloading :slight_smile: