1969 Dodge Charger Daytona NASCAR help

Okay, I’ve been digging around on the net trying to find any and all specs that are available for the Charger Daytonas/Plymouth Superbirds that ran in NASCAR from 1969-1970. All I have at the moment are hp numbers that ranged from 550-595hp from the 426 Hemi V8, but even with those numbers I can’t seem to find a gear ratio for the transmission. Has anyone attempted to make a historically accurate representation of the Charger Daytona tunes that were used in '69 and '70 with a 4 speed? I am not looking for a full on tune, just any numbers that I can apply to my tune to try and get the Charger to do 200mph at Daytona. (BTW, I am using the STOCK Daytona, not the F&F edition)

Well since ur going for realism i would do rear aero only race slicks and full width. Race transmission since i doubt the stock transmission was used and just tune it down to a four speed trans. Race everything in the platform and handling.

Lower the rearwing as much as possible and get ur horsepower where u want it. With that said i still highly doubt it will do 200 mph around that track with a max of 569 hp. The game wont allow it im guessing.

@595 hp and no rear wing and some very smooth driving you can get 200 mph.