1939 Auto Union Type D is a hoot to drive

Armstrong steering and no power brakes, love it, if anyone would like to race these let me know.

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I absolutely love the auto union type D. Its a blast.

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I’m a sucker for old whips. I freakin’ adore this thing.


Yes love em. I’m craps but add me cause then we can fill a lobby with similar AI which would be a blast :slight_smile:

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I like the 70’s Grand Prix cars, they go wherever you point them, I’m sorry I just feel that way. :smiley:

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…including tirewalls.

Or the Moon.


So that’s why my car keeps crashing near good looking women spectators, it can be a problem.

Everything I hate in a car: no brakes, no grip, tonnes of torque. One of the most fun cars to drive !

Plus, few things look scarier than that Audi or Maserati filling your mirrors.

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Drive with a TTX wheel - although the Auto Union is a bit beyond my skill level, I love the slight wheel lurch to the left every time you shift to a higher gear.

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The old classics are the most fun to drive, love them.

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I recently did the Moments in Motorsport showcase event with it and the 8CTF, and I was surprised at how easy it was to drive. I felt confident driving it. It stopped, it turned, it accelerated, it got up to speed. I really enjoyed driving it.

…I may or may not have had TCS and ABS on at the time :slight_smile:

Yeah Moments in Motorsport is superb!!! Completed the entire series already but I will definitely rerun those at a later time in higher difficulty levels.

After doing the showcase event for those two cars I was inspired to look of the history of the car, and the first Auto Union race cars had freaking V16s in them. Lol. There are only like one or two originals left in existence as well. Fascinating stuff.

Also, 500 horsepower must have been completely bonkers to most people for a car in the 1930s. Most consumer vehicles has less than 100 horsepower, and a lot of them didn’t even have overhead valves yet, much less an overhead cam!

500bhp on tyres narrower than my bike, no seatbelts, t-shirt, doing 200mph on banked Monza … Insanity …

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Yep. Like James May says in-game:

“Crash protection consisted of a leather hat, goggles, and an enormous moustache.”

@ Vulcan, Barry: Fair enough, point taken (re: history of AutoUnion). It’s just that as a Jew and history buff, I dislike admitting the 3rd reich did anything cool. The way I see it, they were just the money- the REAL kudos goes to the folks at AutoUnion who actually designed and built the car. Like Clutch said, 500bhp in 1939? It must have seemed like a misprint to people reading about it back then. That was combat aircraft territory in those days.

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Or flying down the back straight of old LeMans and then trying to get it slowed down for Mulsanne corner. Feels like you better off throwing an anchor out the back.

I think that’s what people refer to as “testicular fortitude” hahaha.

…or a death wish…

Wow I clearly need to try out this car when I get home tonight!

Definitely sounds like a fun experience

The Na.zis definitely got what they paid for anyway, a whole lot of engineering for the time

Meh, I try to ignore the fact those clowns were involved. It’s just a racecar, no need for politics.