16 opponents is way to much in career!

I’d really like to see online races (specifically hoppers) with 32 cars on the field. That’d make for fantastic pile-ups with everyone trying to win at all cost! :smiley:

I like it the way it is


I’m okay with 16 or even more people on the grid. But give us a “slight” delay. 1 sec would allow the field to spread out a lot.

That would be a great idea if we were always starting in first place, but it isn’t the case.

A 1 second delay starting at the rear of the pack with only two lap races are you serious?

i personally would love the option to add MORE players/AI to be raced against
could be an aspect of me going from COD to BF4 and loving the 64 player lobbys

Yes lets have 64 player going into turn one at Long Beach. Let the chaos commence. More laps are needed and the option to qualify is desperately needed. How about letting the player decide how many laps to race. Then you could make 5, 10 or create your own 50 lap endurance race in career mode. These lets jam the player at the back of the pack and see if they can get to the front in two laps is baloney. No wonder the drivatars are so aggressive to the point of being homicidal. So next version give the player the option to qualify and pick the number of laps and we might get better trained drivatars to race against.