15 Aventador FEs


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It’s not painter level that let’s you sell them for 20 million
It’s your design and tune downloads then your auction limit is removed at legendary tuner/designer good look but these cars are not super rare you can pick them up on auction allama the time 600k sometimes 300k

Yeah I know that about painter level now. I just got bad information before.

Aventador FEs WERE cheap a week or so ago but they’re back selling for 20 million now. You might be able to snag one for 650k if you sit there refreshing on the auction long enough but they are rare at that price again. It’s become unusual again to see one for 650k, those sell out instantly. If you don’t want an Aventador FE then that’s fine but please go visit another thread. You aren’t helping me by thread capping. I’m not asking very much for these cars.

All gone