12 hour early release stream

This thread is for you people who might not venture over to the Drift forum. For you racers and straight liners out there. This is a chance to play first hand LIVE on Forza 6! with a crowd.

I will be streaming release at 5:01 AM PST hopefully doing hourly updates on twitter if I don’t lose track of time, here is the itinerary for the less fortunate who are either unable to afford Ultimate early release, unable to join in the stream at the time or are doing daily events aka work / taking care of family tasks.

Itinerary, short but simple. If you decide to join in on the stream or keep checking updates please refer to Twitter or Twitch and not directly contact me on Xbox Live.

  1. Game release and entry level racing to gain currency, and basic talk about what i’m feeling during the game play.
  2. Viewers will be in control. Have a car you wish to see and the possible upgrades with it or the different weathering effects in specific events or tracks, you name it so lets make it happen!
  3. IF all goes well and we get a good following I will be inviting people to participate in game so keep checking those updates! Racing and Drifting maybe some Drag.

UNPREPPED Drag racing I wish to try this, how many have seen 1320video on youtube? wish drag racing was more fun instead of 3.2.1 GO? Here is my plan. UNPREPPED! Drag Racing.
If we can get enough interested in this I would love to try this, basically here is what I’m thinking which I’ve wanted to do on Forza 5 for a while but I could not get enough people to part take.

  1. Small restriction that way we can have cars of similar stats, which will be TBA.
  2. EVERYONE will be using Drag Slicks.
  3. The setup, 2 cars will line up at a designated part on a selected track, but far enough apart for the “Light Car”. The light car will slowly roll forward when Brakes are applied, you guessed it. GO!
    this will in a sense give the same feeling as an unprepared drag track so this will not be on an “Offical” drag straight. You will have more traction then using street tires, obviously. The goal is to have just enough to get going but also have to deal with a slight different in loss of traction with working on a real random GO! mechanic vs what the Drag compound tire feels like on an actual strip with 3.2.1 GO!. Street Racing at its finest lets make it happen!

invitational selection VIA Twitter/Twitch will fill the room. After that they will also determine what type of racing will be done under what conditions.

Same as above, slight restrictions may apply to range of horsepower and tires also TBA.
What I want to do with this tho, lets see some Formula D1’s essence captured on the game, here is my plan.

  1. Fill the room if possible, go through the track list with the viewers let them choose the location.
  2. Line up all invitational along the track and possible off in the grass, lets get a full room! 24 people that is a lot to help get the hype up.
  3. Randomly selected people done through Twitch chat will determine the starting ladder.
  4. Winning a round will be at the discretion of the judges on corners, BUT if a tie arises. the viewers have the final vote.
  5. Winnings? well to be fair, as part of the Drifting community we do it for fun and the style. The winners of each room just to Win a prize will be allowed to finish the lap and obtain the race winnings.

Have more ideas you would like to see tried? 12 hours is a long time i’m sure we can fit them in to some degree Post Em Up!
This is just quick overview in a very small amount of detail. Release is very soon tell your friends spread the word! Turn 10 is also going to be doing a live Stream but it won’t be anything like this!

Below is a recap from the other post on the Drift forum. The entire stream will be saved for later views on my Twitch.

I’ve released my Viper tune that has been in service from the release of the Xbox ONE and has been fine tuned over almost 2 years. Drifting might not mean as much as it did back in Forza 3 and 4 but hoping with 6 we can get a more cooperative community back. This is a ritual I’ve done starting with Froza 1 with my most used cars. The reason is because if you just hand out tunes people may not understand how they work or how to actually control them, so I let people ask me individual questions so I can reply with direct answers, you are not alone if you have asked it other people have the same problem and this is not solved by just downloading a tune. My video will explain a bit on this.

I’ve done and saved a broadcast → Twitch which will give you an insight to the inner workings of this car. The tune is on the market right now, 2013 Viper description Big Roy, hopefully it will help get a better mind set for Veterans or some insight for new player in basic understandings.

Now for the 12 hour stream. If you wish to part take, it will be viewer active. Want to see a specific car? hear the difference between the Turbo and Superchargers or perhaps what motor swaps? ask and you shall receive. Might take a while but as soon as the Ultimate release goes live I will be starting and the entire broadcast will be saved for people in different time zones. If you would also like to part take in the motion it self, send me your request asap to The Fujin Water on XBL as i’m sure you would be just as interested as the world in what the first look at how Drifting and Tandem works if you are unable to afford the early release. The more viewers the better so tell your friends and be active! lets get people hyped for the less fortunate

Lastly I will be updating progression Twitter/FujinWater when things are changing and when specific events will start, basically when I obtain enough money achieved to start building drift cars or starting private rooms with other people interested in the event so you don’t miss out. After the early release and streaming starts, please try to keep communication directed to Twitch and Twitter and refrain from direct contact on Xbox Live.

Slight change people and a BUMP! Microsoft finally gave me my account back! STREAMING WILL BE DONE WITH FujinWater, non of this The Fujin Water crap anymore!

Go ahead and leave your Gamer Tag here if you would like to be a part. Give some people first hand look at multiplayer and the options!
This will be for participation for Multiplayer events peeps Drifting / Racing / Drag, keep em coming! I’ve read over the Forza 6 Discussion topics and seen what questions you have so if you want to see some of those answers tune in!

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Jon Gruden

I’m down.

Need some more people! send me a message to FujinWater on XBOX Live I will be accepting messages still until midnight 9 PM on the 9th if you want to get on the list.

Don’t be afraid, I’ve gotten some good xbox live messages on what some people want to see, keep them coming.

im in for the drifting how do i get a spot

12 hour marathon starting in 20mins