10th Anniversary Title Screen: Ability to Choose

I want to say a special thanks to the Forza Staff for the anniversary tributes. Its absolutely incredible and brought tears to many legacy players. Its hard to believe its already been 10 incredible years since FH1 released and it was 10 years well spent.

That being said, some players had nostalgia for specific titles. Personally for me FH1 is the most nostalgic out of the other titles. Some prefer the FH2 start up. I think it would be really cool to be able to choose what startup screen to choose from in the accessibility settings at the start menu. I have heard it been mentioned quite often in the Official Forza Discord as well!

I was shocked there wasnt any listings on this topic other than this one: Title opening option for 10th anniversary by @BestowalBadge9

Wanted to start a suggestions section for this topic and open it up to voting. If anyone else feels they would also enjoy the ability to choose the startup screen please share your beliefs and vote. (Who knows maybe they already are working on this… just want to look ahead)

Yeah please continue to leave 10th anniversary start screen. even if the 10th anniversary event is over, can’t you make it possible to select the start screen you want from the option later and keep leaving it? I think it’s a waste to use it for only one season and disappear. I think it would be great to collect not only the 10th anniversary start screen but also all the previous start screens used in Forza Horizon 5 too.


i love forza 3 start screen and song. my first forza game was 3 cause i am a PC player so never player 1 &2 since are console only. can you set the start screen to choose 1 2 3 4 or 5 (i actually own FH 4) permanently? i am sure its not a big change since it was made for the 10th anniversary

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Agree! The title screen for the 10th anniversary event was so much better and should be permanent.

This. +1