1000th ban topic, but this time for real

Hello staff and forum users.

Yesterday i was playing normally forza 4 on my slim, and today i’ve moved my Profile and forza savegame back on my phat xbox, but now when i go on Storefront or AuctionHouse it says that is not available. Since i didn’t anything wrong i would like to know the reason of this ban. I’ve tryied to contact “forzafb@microsoft.com” but i get an automatic reply that is useless.

Thanks for your time.


Not sure but I don’t think u are banned cause u would have got a message try puting the save on the original Xbox it was on and see what happens. The only time I got that unavailable message was when my gold pass expired

Every email sent to that address is read but they do get a lot of emails. Its just a case of being patient and waiting.