100 Miles in the Bentley

Apologies for talking about next week already but is the 4th challenge of next season’s weekly Forzathon for real?

I mean I’ll do it as I’m sure most of us on here will but 100 miles is way beyond any distance I’ve ever seen in a weekly, this week’s is only 20 and in a much faster car both stock + upgraded to it’s maximum potential PI.


In the Series 3, Autumn, Weekly Challenge you have to use the 1931 Bentley 4-1/2 Litre Supercharged.
But that one is not in the game. We do have the 1930 Blower 4-1/2 Litre Supercharged (a Bentley to).

I wonder if we will be able to complete the challenge.

This was brought up in the playlist thread but wasn’t allowed to be discussed there. I know Max said he was going to pass it along so I’m following up.

I’m extremely doubtful they’ll change it but I’m asking if there is any response. It’s a nonsense, time wasting task with no purpose beyond boring people to death.

It’s a week and a half of commuting for me in real life…


Personally I’m not touching it, OP is right it’s nonsense and nothing more than busywork. No thanks.


They need to hire ideas people, better game designers… me… lol!


Auto drive of 3 lap Goliath. I’ll even create an unbeatable, 0 drivatar race, for proper ultimate 50 min AFK experience :stuck_out_tongue:

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So the game is designed to waste electricity basically. The green lobby would have a field day with this. Say 200w for an hour doing busywork, across millions of people. Sort of like crypto mining, except you’re helping put money in Microsoft’s coffers rather than your own.


Oh oh, he’s cracked the scheme ! Deploy the black helicopters…


Even though I was who said it in that thread something is just niggling at me that it’s another typo and it’s only 10 miles.

Analyse it by comparing it with previous weeklies in both FH4 + FH5 and it makes zero sense why they would suddenly throw in such a high mileage especially for this particular car.

We’ll deserve some sort of explanation if it really is 100 though.


We deserve an explanation either way. It may be as simple as “Yeah, that was a typo. That’s our bad.” but we should be communicated with at the very least. Maybe they’re waiting until that season is online but I think people would prefer to know so they can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s only 10 or decide that they’ll be putting off that min max achievement indefinitely.

The bugs are really annoying and a huge problem but a big part of it, for me at least, is the complete lack of communication beyond “we’re working on it and understand your frustration” followed by complete silence and no fixes two months in.


I’m not sure anyone can take your response seriously when you say there’s been no fixes 2 months in. There have been several. There’s outstanding issues still, but it’s intentionally dishonest and dramatic to say they’re not trying.


How long ago was the last fix and what did it do? From what I recall the main things were fixes for convoys and traffic both of which are better but still problematic. Something as simple as using fast travel can remove all traffic. The previous patch removed rather than fix some accolades and removed some car masteries. So while I did exaggerate, they haven’t done much. We’ve heard that they’re trying but I’m anxious for results.


I was discussing this with the team this morning. I don’t have an answer yet but am eager to clarify it as soon as possible and will do when I have something confirmed.

This is a symptom of the difficulty in diagnosing and fixing multiple issues. I can repeat that we’re still working on it, but at some point that repetition is likely to be seen the same as no communication at all. I understand that a fix is really the only satisfactory update for many players.


While you are chatting to them, can you ask what logic did they use in choosing a 4 MILLION credit car for this challenge? I don’t know about you, but I’m not fond of the idea of spending nearly 1/3 of my remaining credits on a single weekly event. Can’t even go to the auction house for this one. I checked a few times yesterday, only saw a couple of these cars available, and they were listed at 11m and 20m cr. Makes the 4m cr. price in the autoshow look like a bargain.


Before you start complaining you should consider possibility of that car to be in Forzathon Shop next season.

There was already 100 of those 3 lap, 0 drivatar blueprints. Why reinvent the wheel again?

Haven’t you ever bought a car in advance of an upcoming challenge? How many times in FH4 was the weekly challenge car ever in the Forzathon shop? How many times has a car with that high of a credit value ever been in the Forzathon shop? I am basing my “complaint” on PG’s track record in FH4. Before you start complaining about my complaint, you should consider the possibility that my complaint is valid.

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The buyout price is currently 1.8 million (which will increase further at about midnight GMT tonight). You will be able to get one at that price relatively easily within a few searches.

However, perhaps Max could confirm whether the Blower will, in fact, be in the shop next week as I’d have thought that’s the only logical explanation for having a 4 million car as the weekly.

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That might have been the buyout price when YOU looked, but as I said, when I checked, there were only TWO cars on the AH…one had a buyout at 11m cr., and the other had a buyout of 20m cr. I also don’t really care if the “normal” buyout is only 1.8m cr., that’s still heaps of money to spend on a single car for a single event, and that’s assuming that the bloody sniper bots don’t grab every single car that gets auctioned, or that the price doesn’t skyrocket with the entire Forza community out there trying to get this car on the AH right now. My whole point is that choosing a car this expensive for a single weekly challenge is beyond ridiculous. I am certain that there are more than a few players who have so many credits by now, they can drop 4m and not even flinch, but there are probably many more players who really can’t afford to spend that many credits on something like this. Also, seeing as how there are exclusive cars locked up behind tier 2 points levels, then we really need all the weekly points we can get. This sort of decision is just another example of how little consideration the devs have for the average player. I can see the convo going like this…

Dev1 “Ok, we need an idea for the Autumn Forzathon weekly challenge. Any thoughts?”

Dev2 “Well…we need to make these challenges exciting, so let’s pick a car that everyone will love to drive.”

Dev1 “Sure, what did you have in mind?”

Dev3 “Hey, I know…let’s pick one of the worst handling, slowest, least popular cars in the showroom. Oh, and make it really expensive.”

Dev1 “How expensive?”

Dev3 “It should be at least 3m cr. You know how these players are always bragging about how easy it is to get credits. Gotta do something to get those credits circulating back into the “virtual economy” (wink wink).”

Dev 4 (puts up his hand) “I vote for that old Bentley, you know, the one with the funny name? I’ve heard the players LOVE that car.”

Dev 1 “I think we’ll use that one next week. Anyone oppose this idea?”

Dev 5 “Excuse me, but isn’t it a bit unrealis…”

Dev1 “Shut up and go make me some coffee. Anyone else want to oppose?”

chirp chirp

Dev 1 “Right, now that’s sorted. So what else can we do to improve player experience?”

Dev 3 “make them drive it 100 miles…”


WHEW! Oh I did see it when I was getting my cars prepared and I was like 100??? I havent checked to see what swaps you can throw in there but my eyes almost popped out my head when I first read it :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Doesn’t this issue speak to a larger problem at hand? I mean yeah it’s probably just a typo, but how many typos have there been? This really boils down to paying attention to details and being sure what you release is complete. I’m in the cabinet business and if I kept out putting flawed cabinets time and time again I’d be out of business. Take some pride in your work and pay attention to details.