100+ Hours Thread

It’s pretty boring when you beat the snot out of the AI every race. I have almost all of the achievements, except the team adventure ones, because team adventure is terrible, so I really don’t have anything else that’s rewarding to do. Sure, I could build a track now and beat the snot out of the AI on it, but I’d still be bored, because single player is not a challenge. I need to play against human players to stay engaged.

Since online adventure and rivals are broken and unbearable in FH4, it’s back to FH3 for a multiplayer experience that actually works where I can challenge myself against other people. That’s much less boring.

174 hours on my end. I am not bored yet, but there is a lot I don’t like compared to the previous titles. I seriously doubt that I will get anywhere near the 808 hours I spent on Forza Horizon 3…

130 hours and counting. Still not bored. Got tons to do still. Very worthwhile.

377 hours so far, yeah i have no life. Abaout 30 more cars left to collect, and i have tuned every car that i own right now, most of them still need to paint job but i hope to get tuner status little bit higher so cars dont sell so mutch when i try to sell them so i could delete designs meanwhile when car in on sale. But im allready worried what i will do after i have collect those last cars and last casttle and every car have nice paintjob.

I sadly have 2,322 hours on Fh4 I work from home so I get to have fun


Just checked my play time… 567 hours.
No wonder my project cars still aren’t finished. lol

Just checked my hours, 2785…i’m not bored per say but its not as fun as it was in the beginning. Ranked is still a constant PUSH and wreckfest but i’m soldiering through it

near on 1700 fully maxed all horizon life except mixer .creator hub ,car collector and drift adventure.

Not sure how many hours full 60+ days equates to but I am yet to get bored with this game, there is so much to do, racing, having fun and designing. I have no intentions of leaving this game any time soon that’s for sure.


934hrs, but because I don’t only play Forza all the time. For some weird reason, it’s very hard for me to play one specific game all the time unless it’s actually fun to play or has a sense of progression in it.

pre-ordered the game and still posting on the forum, I guess it is enough to say I am not done with that game. Nevertheless I play much less FH4 than I played FH3, which, in the end, is a good outcome for my health.

I would say that many features are now dead to me (pg games, drift, ranked) as well as some feature details are reaching top frustration ( nb of tunes limits, wheel spin duplicate, rivals car changing requiring to leave rivals)

Playing FFA unranked or private championships with mates is currently the best thing. A bit of no-collision also helps to evaluate self level much better than any ranked or even rivals would do. Rivals is also good despite those damned cheated cars.

Lately AH is a feature I was no longer using that is now much more usable.

Just passed 390 hours and still playing. Only car I need is ford capri fe despite owning everything else I still play this game heavily. Not getting old for me yet.

According to TrueAchievements

First played on 20 Sep 18 ,
Completed on 30 Jul 19,
Played for 1437 hrs 29 mins
127 achievements out of 127 won (inc 72 of 72 DLC achievements)

According to Horizon 4 Stats
576 Hours Driven