100+ Hours Thread

Who else has 100+ hours on Forza Horizon 4 and still not bored??? I for one am not! Got road racing to level 20 and just got drag racing to level 20. Next prolly work on getfing dirt racing to level 20 as well as work on more skill points for the Forza Rewards getting 50 cars max perked and last achievement working in ranked online adventure.

Not bored yet and this week with the new Horizon Stories there will be even more to do! I am glad they added content so quickly!!! Keep it coming Turn 10! I still wanna know more about these 2 expansions!!! But another story will keep me going a bit longer. I haven’t even put another game in my Xbox yet.

Thank you for making an amazing game!!!


153 hours and going strong. It’s impossible to get bored of this game, there is unlimited amounts of things that you can do.


I’m 200+ and still have so much to do. FH4 is value for money!


how do you check your time?

One way is to open context menu on the game icon and select “Official Club”, “Progress” and there Stats.

176 hours here and the game starts to get weary, especially with the totally messed up multiplayer in mind. They nearly effed up any multiplayer aspect, so much so, that you have to think it was on purpose to keep people away from it for good… mission nearly accomplished.

I’ll get the last 9 achievements, do the weekly Forzathons, wait for the expansions and for a MP fix to come or not. This was my last Forza Ultimate preorder, next one is bought on discount… for me,Turn 10 lost too much of its credit with this title and I don’t like the avatar nonsense that started with FM7 and that has worsened in FH4.

Go to achievements on the Xbox phone app and click FH4 and it will show you your play time!

Thank you, was able to see my total time. Aparantly I have 281 hours thus far. Still not bored or done.

233 Hours but I still really miss Championships. Hope they add championships to every route in the game like Forza Horizon 3.


240 hours here.

Still have cars to collect.

Got all the properties, done all the races.

I’ll be driving for a long time yet. I enjoy driving the cars on my rig.

I like getting all the buying and unlocking out of the way as quickly as possible so I can just enjoy driving the cars.

90% of the tine I am driving stock cars too. I’ll start modifying once I’ve collected all the cars.

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I for one hates the championships on FH3. One reason I don’t have 100% in it is the million bajillion race championships. Removing the blueprints and championships is the best thing Forza could ever do in my opinion! I hope they DONT bring them back. Maybe one day I’ll boot FH3 back up and grind it out but for now beating basically every single thing except every championship is good enough for me.

Got 167 hours so far and everything is completed.

Now I’m currently working on unlocking the perks for all of my cars. Good way to get influence and wheelspins. The game even gives you influrnce for spending a lot of skill points.

I don’t miss the large number of championships in Horizon 3 at all either. They were just a series of the same, existing exhibition races you already did. And nothing special happened when you won them. They were filler and the biggest chore to do when it came to 100% completing Horizon 3.

While there are only a few championships per season in Horizon 4, at least you actually get something for winning them, whether it be a super wheelspin or car.


Ive been unlocking just the wheelspin and credit perks on every single car in my garage too haha. I got like 430 cars and am doing them in order of make and right now im on Mercedes. Lol its time consuming but ive gotten over 400 free wheelspins as of right now and raised 100+ levels just from skill point farming and using skill points.

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Damn, I only have 78 hours in, but got all the racing levels to level 20 or better and 440 cars, all of the achievements (except for some of the multiplayer ones), all the houses, all of the stories completed, all the Forza edition cars except for the Ford Capri. Garage value at 147 million, total winnings 70 million… Distance driven 6703 miles… Only thing I got left to complete is some of the drifting zones, which is what I am worst at…

While looking at the stats under the Horizon Life tab, I see I have 23/21 “Street Scene Events Won”… So, I guess I won 2 more then their are? lol…

With all that said, I can see myself playing for another week or so, then getting bored… or maybe just more excited to play some of the other games coming out… But maybe with the new features coming this Thursday, maybe that will change my mind. :slight_smile:

im not quite at 100 hours, but im close. I still have so much to do in this game, i usually put in 700 hours per forza game, and i think ill hit that mark with this one too.

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I’ve no idea how people get everything so quickly. I’ve played it for 136 hours according to the Xbox app and am constantly broke! I have 300 cars, which are basically all the ones that don’t cost much, and haven’t even contemplated getting the 15m castle yet. And that’s with a mixer stream running 24/7. I have a big list of cars I’d like to try out, but some of them would need like 20 hours of grinding just to get that one car.

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Can’t speak for everyone else, but if I had to guess, it was because most of us got the VIP Pass/Ultimate Edition, which gives a lot of extras and doubles the CR. Not to mention the car packs (which are free in game)

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I’ve made a lot of money by my S1&S2 lap time testing around Goliath. Grinding Goliath is still the best method to earn Cr but as every grind it gets tedious.

also I don’t use money for cars, I only drive what I get from wheelspins. I am just 700k away from getting the 15m castle and I already have all the other houses, including the other castle. when I get the castle then I will start saving for the 10 million cars I don’t already have.

274 hours, 39 cars to go, and a whole lot of car masteries. Now if I could just win a black cab…


I have 350+ hours (yeah, I have no life). I’ve only got the Road Races to level 20 (quite some time ago) and all I really race now are the extended races (i.e. Goliath, Colossus, Gauntlet).

I’m not a car collector, so I have less than 100 cars, but they are all painted, tuned and ready to drive. I have never been a car collector in the Forza games, if I win a car and can’t tune it to my liking, I get rid of it.

I have over 35 million credits, and I only have the last castle to buy… but I don’t want the car that comes with it and the 10 super wheelspins… well, let’s just say I have finally won enough black cloths that my avatar looks like some sort of 80’s Goth Rocker and I don’t need any more pink stuff.

I really like the new environment, it very much reminds me of FH2 (which was my favorite). I spend a lot of time now trying to build up skill points for the car masteries; individual masteries for each car was a great idea. It does; however, render Forza Edition Cars somewhat redundant since I can turn most of my cars into Forza Edition Cars through the masteries. And that extra life skill, that is the best.

I really like the Forzathon Live events, but, that is getting somewhat repetitious now. The route creator will be a welcome addition this week, but I fear it may not be enough. I very much dislike the new multiplayer mode… very much. I keep hoping they will bring back the old multiplayer from FH2/FH3, but if not, I will probably be going back to the old games soon.